Alstallio is a musician from Birmingham, England.
He writes and produces songs and has worked with many artists/groups including Serina May, Imitation of life, the german band '4 apostels' and many more.

Noticable songs are 'Bad Boy' and Alstallio's 'Who Am I' (featured on TV programme 'Fastlane') 'Try Again' and 'Angel Delight of my life' (featured on 'BBC Radio2')

Alstallio has made a number of Radio/TV and live appearances and talked about his unique styles of arrangement, which he feels goes back to when music actually meant something, and not just talking about unintelligent things, like gangs, murder, hoes, sex and drugs (or 10000 fireflies), but rather love.

Alstallio 'The greatest music never heard' 

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