The best music's never Heard

I Want To sing Day 90 

This could be a new favourite for me. I put a lot of time to get this song together. It took hours but it was one of those fun songs so it didnt matter. Quite difficult all round though. I probably should have waited with this one, but I came saw and conquered it.

Song: Heartbreaker
Performance: 9/10

I Want To sing Day 89 

My first modulation and I passed the test. I sang this song quietly and as and when this happens I sound brilliant so there...No! The song was a good stepping stone to learning a new skill. Simple but effective.

Song: Sunny
Performance: 7/10

I Want To sing Day 88 

Great, I just discovered sam cooke and he is amazing. I did a great job on this. if I do say so myself. the song is not so hard to sing though.

Song: Cupid
Performance: 9/10

I Want To sing Day 87 

Oh dear, This song was meant to be smooth sailing, but it took about 140+ attempts. I'd had enough. My voice was shot, I was tired and just wanted to get it done. It was such a fun song too. I'm glad I did it. It was hard though and not for the faint hearted.

Song: Happy Days
Performance:8/10 for the attempt

I Want To sing Day 86 

This was a test cause I would like to do more of this modern pop songs. Couldn't do the high notes yet. My balls are too low.  not a easy song though. with the high octaves some of these singers use.

Song: Cry Me A River
Performance: 6/10

I Want To sing Day 85 

Another song where It was more about the eagerness and not common sense. I shouldn't do R kelly till about 8 months in. Surprisingly though I didn't find this song too difficult. later on or if you try and copy the original then it will present problems but I chose to keep it simple.

Song: I Believe I Can Fly
Performance: 6/10

I Want To sing Day 84 

Another simple song. Not much to say about this one really. fairly straight forward really and anyone could sing this song.

Song: Picture of you
Performance: 6/10

I Want To sing Day 82 

I should have played this in another key. I couldn't reach the highs or I was just to shy to try. Hard song cause you need some range to sing it and it is a duet aswell.

Song: Someone that I used to know
Performance: 6/10