The best music's never Heard
The Second Month in my Challenge and things are starting heat up and get better. I'm enjoying it but it is not without it's challenges and annoyances.

I Want To sing Day 58 

I don't know who I thought I was here. I wanted to be as cool as the song...A Groovy song at that. The trouble with this song was speed. I didn't want to lose the groovyness by playing it too slow so I kinda feel like I had rushed it because of this fact. Nevertheless I think it's a pass and adds to my experience.

Song: Get Down On It
Singing Score: 5/10

I Want To sing Day 57 

I call this my nemesis song...because of the elusive solo that I used to have to play when I use to play on the piano. That's why I chose to do it on the guitar so I didn't have to do the solo. Thought overall it was a good performance.a bit deep but I had less trouble with this song.

Song: Luka
Singing Score: 7/10

I Want To sing Day 55 

This song was ridiculous, because I want to know how this guy sang without breathing. I couldn't do it. I was struggling massively with this, But I pulled it off. This is showing me that I need to work on my breathing technique. Nice song Hard to sing for a beginner.

Song: Truly Madly Deeply
Singing Review: 5/10

I Want To sing Day 53 

I never thought this guy robbie williams could sing that well, more of a taker than a singer. This sontg was awkward to sing. Like it is a sung a semi tone lower than it supposed to be. Didn't really like this performance. I love the song though when it's in its original state.

Song: Millenium
Singing Review: 4/10

I Want To sing Day 51 

Sometimes my accent comes out so you can guess where I was raised... I just love the way I change it up with the strings. I liked this performance. Quite entertaining even to myself..LoL. A bit tricky playing and singing at the same time but I figured it out after a little while.

Song: What can I do
Singing Review: 7/10