The best music's never Heard

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 210 

This was the first time I played and sang along to the song in my ear. It was also another song I just picked out at random. Nice song and I think the in ear music helped the performance. It is something I wish to do more in the future to see if it helps my progress along a bit. And it was a lot better than my last Ed Sheeren song Attempt. LOL

Song: Castles On The Hill
Performance: 8/10

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 207 

An upbeat song to do. I'm always a little reserved about doing boy band pop songs because they always need multiple voices to sound good, This was no different it can stand alone with an accomplished singer but I would need a choir behind me to sound great. Overall not difficult to sing but needs more voices.
Song: Backstreets Back
Performance: 8/10

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 205 

Another Classic. To you, I might not sound good. but to me, I sounded great! I really had the vibe for this song. Also one for the Album.  I did want to do the Barry White voice but I don't think I can get that deep. This song is medium difficulty but you do need to add that attitude to your voice to get the full effect.

Song: Been Around The World
Performance: 9/10