New PODCAST App, New Podcasts AND New Music!!! 

Hey, Guys Long Time No Hear! 

I or we have been very busy working on a few things over the last six months as you might have seen from my last mail. we were just starting 'The Real Locker Room Talk Podcast' But what happened is a whole new major project manifested out of it. We now have 4 podcasts (Horsemen of the Blackopolypse, A Family AffairThe Missing Link, And Living In Germany) which are all published under the 'Blackopolypse Umbrella' and we are having a lot of fun doing it.  

Any we've just Release our New App to download NOW From The App Store. At the moment it is Android Only but not to worry APPLE IOS support is in the works. 

New App Here  

Musically I have my mojo back and have been Working on some remixes You can have a listen over at youtube (Remix By No Guidance). and (Billie Eilish - Everything I wanted) which will be released on 6.5.2020. These songs will be free to download from my website. 

Anyway, that's all for now, Don't forget to download the APP NOW and keep following us on all major podcast platforms ie Itunes/Spotify/Google podcast or here


Blackopolypse Founder and Horseman

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