The best music's never Heard

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 300 

300 Songs and counting. That's 3 Centuries of songs. You don't need vocal skill to sing this song. maybe more Portuguese skills. The original is also sang by a bunch of Brazilians who can't sing that well but it's such a beautiful song so yeah. DONE!

Song: Oração
Singing score: 9/10

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 298 

This is another song I wanted to do earlier. I just wasn't in the mood for it and now I was so here it is. Performance is good. The song is a classic and not difficult,
probably why it is sung on terraces throughout the whole world weekly. I had a problem with the guitar though here, I had to loosen the truss rod...NOW I FIXED GUITARS TOO!!!

Song:  Leaving On A Jet Plane
Singing Score:- 9/10

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 297 

This song is beautiful and one of my clearest performances to date. I still have a tendency to rush a little. 
I'll try and keep that in mind. I also got to the higher pitches. I sang that with a cold as well. As you hear at the end....eeeeee

Song: Without you
Singing Score: 9.5/10