The best music's never Heard

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 180 

Song: Walking on Sunshine
Singing Performance: 8/10

This was my first take and I manage to do about 20 take after but this was the best one. I even forgot how to play it towards to the end. Anyway it worked and I'm a happy with the carribean feel of this version. Nice song with hgh energy to perform.

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 176 

Song: It's So Amazing
Singing Performance: 9/10

I gave this a higher mark cause my backing singers were amazing and made me sound amazing...I think the trick is get people who can sing around you and will sound great too...maybe. Great song and cool to sing.

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 175 

Song: Tick Tock
Singing Performance: 8/10

Groovy...Well I thought so. My bro was mad as hell. I was destoying one of his favourite songs.
Really I think he was proud of me though....Anyway nice bit of speak-singing to get you in the mood.
It was good and not to hard. once again just a little fast but that was ok and it doesn't take much talent to do.

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 173 

Song: The Sun is Shining
Singing Performance: 8/10

I was sick again here so I did my own version of Bob Marleys' Sun is shining. I thought it sounded alright for a sick guy.
Sometimes you just have to improvise and go with it. No one said it was going to be easy.

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 172 

Song: Thank You
Singing Performance: 7/10

Harder than initially thought but I think I handled it well. A great song actually from Alanis Morissette. I really liked doing it.
Luckily I had the right key or I would have died at the high bit in the chorus. Medium to hard song.

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 171 

Song: Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You
Singing Performance: 8/10

A nice song, I was feeling it. I could have kept playing this song all nice. the problem was I had too many distractions
so I stopped playing sooner than I would have liked. Good attempt and It would have been perfect if I have more time, peace, and quiet.