The best music's never Heard

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 149 

I couldn't wait to do this song.I thought I did well. My voice was back and I felt stronger than before. I also played this at my own tempo. Make no mistake this song is hard. If you see I had to take regular breathes to cope with the held notes. I almost got it pitch perfect too. I think I will put this on the suggested album I should do after.​

Song:- Gold
Singing Score:- 8/10

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 148 

I wanted to push this out while I was at the airport. I thought I was gonna get some money too. People were watching me and it was quite funny. I had funny doing it there. and the song was nice and simple too. I could have done better but like the last time I performed in public I felt I was under a bit of pressure. One for the future for sure though.

Song:- Stand by me 
Singing Score:- 6/10

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 141 

I was really into this song. I felt like a male Lauren Hill.Nice song to sing.awesome when someone else plays for me. we had fun at the end too. Good song for beginners.

Song:- Killing Me Softly
Singing Score:- 8/10