The best music's never Heard

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 118 

I really wanted to do this song now even though it could have waited a few month looking back. My voice ain't as smooth as Neyo's though. I am still struggling with the breathing here plus that unshakable cold that I also have had to deal with. I got a pretty performance in though. I thought.  The itself wouldn't be difficult to master with a little more practice.

Song: Sexy Love
Singing Rating: 7/10


I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 116 

As I'm​ Still suffering from a cold for the 3rd day running. I did this song cause after intricate analyse I came to
the conclusion that you wouldn't be able to hear that I had a cold while playing this song because the song
allows a lot of breathing possibilities. A good attempt and pretty easy song and did I mention good for when you have a cold.

Song: Sweet For My Sweets
Singing Performance: 6.5/10

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 114 

This song was great and although I had a cold while singing this (Another obstacle in the way).
It was quite enjoyable to hear how I did. It was one of my best performances....And I cant believe I kept the tone at the end. Awesome!

Song: Uptown Girl
Singing Rating: 8.5/10

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 113 

I Loved doing this song. I thought it would be difficult but it wasn't.
OK my flow wasn't as good as drake but not bad for 1 hrs practice time and
with a little more practice I think I might be onto something here.

Song: One Dance
Singing Rating: 7/10

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 112 

I don't know whether it was the pitch of not but this song didn't come off like I imagine...
OK jokes aside. I would need hours of practice to perfect this song.
It's fast and energetic and even at this stage it is something I still have to work ok.
I think I get it by accident in some songs,but I'm really looking for consistency in my performances.

Song: Liva La Vida Loca
Singing Rating: 6.5/10 

I Want To Sing 365 Challenge Day 111 

Once again thought I was a little rushy with this song. It sounded OK though bar the few errors. I didn't spend too much time on it to be fair.
Sometimes I don't have the time or patience to do some of these songs. I like this one though. The energy was there for a change too.

Song: Rhythm Of The Night
Singing Review: 7/10