The best music's never Heard


Alstallio is a musician from Birmingham, England.
He writes and produces songs and has worked with many artists/groups including Serina May, Imitation of life, the german band '4 apostels' and many more.

Noticable songs are 'Bad Boy' and Alstallio's 'Who Am I' (featured on TV programme 'Fastlane') 'Try Again' and 'Angel Delight of my life' (featured on 'BBC Radio2')

Alstallio has made a number of Radio/TV and live appearances and talked about his unique styles of arrangement, which he feels goes back to when music actually meant something, and not just talking about unintelligent things, like gangs, murder, hoes, sex and drugs (or 10000 fireflies), but rather love.

Alstallio 'The greatest music never heard' 

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'I want to sing' is about to lift off! 

 So the 24th of June is upon us and 'I want to sing!' has a fair few candidates to try out this song of mine.

The selection process will go on through to the 7th of July (subject to change). If all goes well, then we'll have a new singer and someone will be 100 euros richer:)

If you are interested in taking part or know anyone who is then please pass this email on to them. Oh and to enter they have to be able to get to the Soul folks studio in Wiesbaden Germany more info here. between the dates of 24th June to 7th July(subject to change).

Remember to register all you need to do is email me at or go here.

Ok have a nice weekend and I'll keep you up to date on proceedings.

Good luck and for all those who have already signed up See you next week!
'The best music never heard!'

I want to sing! Part 2 

 Hello folks!

Just a quick update.

The flyer are going up all over Mainz, Wiesbaden and a few of the surrounding areas and people are getting in touch for the 'I want to sing' competition, so it looks like it is going to be an interesting few weeks.

The advertisement will be published in the paper on the 19th June (only locally I'm afraid).
You can keep up to date with the goings on and I will try and post a blog of the singers and sessions as they happen.

Remember, for all of you who can get to the competition are welcome to come! The winner get 100 euros of my own money plus free studio time.

And if you want to participate or you know someone who might want to then send them this email or email me at

Right, I'm off to enjoy the little sunshine we get around here.

'The best music never heard'