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A Family Affair (Work or stay unemployed Worth it_Man Or Women Manipulate Better_Hospital Waits Too Long?) TRLRTE #10  

Todays Topics why work if u are living at the same level as someone unemployed?

Manipulation who does it better? men or women?

Also, when you go to the hospital why is the wait so long to see a doctor ? 
Why is it so hard to find a bed when u need to be admitted ? Why don’t they train the intelligent unemployed people to become medical professionals?

The Real Locker Room Talk E14 (The horsemen of the Blackopolypse) Phillip Schofield_Windrush_Poverty  

On today's Podcast We get To the bottom of Phillip Schofields Confession and Matthew Mcgreevy

We talk about being Poor and living in Poverty and is there a way to change it.

Lastly, we touch on the Windrush Scandal and ask is it fair?

The Real Locker Room Talk Extra #09 The Missing Link Horsemen (Links Grudge_More on Kobe Bryant_coronavirus_Rapper Kills His Mom For Her Money)  

On Todays Podcast Link thinks someone has sabotaged him and tried to steal his shoe design.

We are disgusted with some of the responses to Kobe Bryants Death.

Link is the only person who hasnt heard of the Corona Virus

And We talk about Young QC Killing his mom to get her inheritance.

The Real Locker Room Talk E13 (Blackopolypse) Football_Coronavirus_Global Warming_Black History   

On Todays Show, Alstallio is joined by Andrew and he gives us his input on 'Premier League Football', Arsenal and the 'CoronaVirus'.

Show Regulars Simon and Nigel join us Late to have their say.

We talked about Global Warming, the various ways in which, we, as humans affect the Earth, and all that lives.

We also touch on colonial and 'black history', contempt towards Chinese people because of the 'coronavirus' and people of colour.

A Family Affair (Open Relationships_Marriage conditions_Cultural Appropriation) TRLRTE #08  

On today’s podcast we ask if open relationships are acceptable when you have children in your marriage  
Should we marry for Love Security or just a visa  
The homeless can earn up to £50,000 a year begging  
And is cultural appropriation a thing that should be going on?

The Real Locker Room Talk Episode 12 (The horsemen of the Blackopolypse) With Blackbond, Nigel , Simon and Alstallio  

Alstallio and Blackbond compare stories of how they came to live in Germany

We discuss Kobi Bryant,  His daughter and the others' death in that horrific Helicopter Crash. 

Also, we touch on Allison Morris putting her foot in it!

We also talk a bit of football and all that good stuff too!


The Real Locker Room Talk Extra with Link #06 (Blackopolypse)  

In Blackopolypse today Alstallio and Link Are chilling in the cold

We touch on Earthships and gazing at the stars.

Alstallio runs through some African proverbs!

We we discuss some funny stories from around the world


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The Real Locker Room Talk #11 Blocked Drains and Garden Work and Iran Lady gets 148 Lashes(The horsemen of the Blackopolypse)  

On today's Podcast

Nigel's drain is blocked

Alstallio does some garden work

Simon hits the big time

Gambia 'the new paedo paradise'

Iranian lady gets 148 lashes for defending women's choice on wearing a hijab or not!

And more...