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The Missing Link Podcast E22 (Blackopolypse) Alien Sighting_ Everyone Is Gonna Get Chipped  

On Today show link apologizes for loving him some coronavirus,

We think everyone is getting chipped whether we like it or not

Could there be an alien coverup

and more..

A Family Affair E21 (TRLRTE) Parenting_Eating Everything_Social distancing  

Topics tonight are... 
**topic**What makes a perfect parent 

**Topic**should grandparents have to put up with grandchildren that are being raised with no boundaries manners or discipline  

Should u introduce all potential partners to ur kids  

**Topic** should violent/disturbing video be monitored more closely or banned from social ? 

**Topic** Do u think every living thing should be eaten ???


Social Distancing

Clapping the NHS and key workers for a great JOB!


WithTaking Out The Trashley

A Family Affair E19 (Coronavirus_Oprah controversy) TRLRTE  

On todays Podcast;

Why do some people think by treating someone mean keeps them keen?

why do a lot of churchgoers love to preach about love and unity yet if you are them the last time they spoke or helped to their family a lot of them couldn't tell you isn't that hypocritical?

Oprah controversy

Coronavirus again and can anything good from it?

Taking Out The Trashley E2 (TRLRTE)Corona Virus is Racist and Trashley Rant!  

On Todays podcast

Age limit on beauty operations,

Trashley rants about bus passengers

 If a women turns into a prostitute to make money for her kids is she a mom or a hoe?

Get Happy Po Butt Wash!

And more on this weeks Podcast!

The Missing Link Show E18 (TRLRT)Boomer Remover_Alex Jones In Trouble   

Today we talk about the recent hash tag 'Boomer Remover'

Rage quitting in games competition is not cool, it's stupid

Alex jones gets jacked for selling SuperBlues toothpaste as a coronavirus cure and a DWI offence in the same week

is coronavirus a conspiracy?

And Alstallio admits to being a hamster killer



A Family Affair E17 (Parents and kids_bad Customer Service) Blackopolypse  

Tonight we talk about 
should parents pave the way for their children’s future or leave them to find their out way?

Should black history be taught all yr round in schools?

That C virus....No not cancer, Coronavirus!!!  

Should people stay in customer service jobs when they aren't very customer friendly?


Shout out to hidden Colors For their efforts of bringing african history to the masses!