BPM E87 Talks With Matthew Stapley - The Canadian Psychic 

This is a MUST LISTEN show. Matthew Stapley is a true psychic and a legend in the making.


Matthew Stapley is a naturally gifted, full-sensory psychicmedium, ordained and licensed minister, inspirational speaker 
and healing facilitator. 
His professional career began at the age of 17 and since that 
time he has been featured in dozens of publications, podcasts, 
televisions shows; has created two oracle card decks and has 
assisted thousands of people worldwide in working through 
grief, self acceptance and fear. He is also the creator of a 
weekly live stream show attracting hundreds of viewers from across the globe through his Facebook page: Matthew Stapley, Psychic-Medium. Aside from his 
incredible talent of providing evidence of life after death through Mediumship, Matthew has also 
garnered the attention of people world-wide with his unique ability of looking at life’s very real and 
very difficult problems with a lens that sees the intricate architecture and underlying benefit of the 
challenges that we all face in our day to day lives


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