I want to sing 365 Challenge starts 15th Aug

Oh man, I'm so excited to be doing this...! 

So basically I will have a go at improving my singing. Believe me I need help with it. 

I have been challenged to do it for one whole year! Everyday I will record and post it to my Youtube channel. As you know I never back down to a challenge! 
And so it is on Monday the 15th august I will start posting my attempts at singing videos. Everyday I will post a short video of my attempt followed by a weekly and monthly review of it all, for those who don't want to check back daily. 

Remember if you have any songs that you want me to attempt please feel free to send your suggestions. I will add a comment box on my allocated 365 I want to sing  challenge page. 

Also you can send your suggestions to suggestions@alstallio.com ...Wish me luck 


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