Everyone Especially Men Should Do Yoga!

Last night my wife my wife was on a yoga seminar with the guru named Mark Whitwell who is the guru of my spouse's teacher. 

I was interested to know what was happening as I do have a great interest in yoga and practice at a rate of about a few times a week. 


Although I had not decided to take part in this workshop, and my wife would have liked me to go, I have all these other commitments at the moment (my daughter and of course WA) and I wanted to take her to a children's festival. So I thought it was just not possible for me to go at this time. 

Then it happened, My wife, the little go-getter that she is, says to the yogi 'How about inviting the spouses of the workshop members?'. He says, 'yeah, bring your husband along as my guest!'. So my wife was happy and shocked about the reply, and swiftly delivered the news to me that I would be now taking part in the 2nd day of the workshop... Great! I thought 

Me, as usual, thinking I was going to get a nice lie in this morning, but no! She had already planned for my daughter to be gone and I was now going to the Yoga workshop too. 

To be honest I was exciting and as I am a seeker of knowledge and new guidance I thought this would be a great opportunity/Experience to learn something new and take my yoga to the next level. 

So I get there at 0900am on a Sunday (I don't go to church because the required times to be there are not in sync with my body clock) and I enter a room full of women. I have always wondered why Yoga is full of women? And why not a lot of men are as interested in Yoga. Then this Mr. Mark Whitwell walks in and I duly introduce myself to him by saying “you summoned me!”. As a New Zealander, I knew he would know the term as New Zealand is a British Colony. 

So he introduced himself to me and was very appreciative that I had taken up his offer to attend his workshop as his guest. I was happy to be there acquiring knowledge from someone who has studied with great yogis of the past. He was very humble and made everyone feel very good about themselves. 

The most interesting stuff for me was obviously the Male to female ratio which he answered by saying men tend to be more extrovert when it comes to spirituality and working out (although yoga isn't a workout but rather a way of controlling the body, mind and spirit by controlled movement and breathe). 

They think there is nothing to achieve by doing yoga and that it makes sense for us men to do workout and get big muscles, cars, and beautiful women. 

The world is very masculine driven and that is what men are taught is important from a very young age. Whereas women are a bit more introvert and do things that feel right and are always looking for spiritual enlightenment and truth. 

OK, there are the arguments for the modern women becoming like the ancient man but I like to think women are still more in touch with reality and what really matters. Men should definitely do more yoga though because we need it most. I think the world would be a much better place if men learnt how to tap into their feminine (yin) side more and stop focusing on childish issues that are starting to become very annoying for the rest of us good living humans. 

He spoke a lot about man and woman's intimacy with each other. He believes this is one of the most important issues today and that for some reason we have learnt to think men and women should suppress all the natural urges for each other and that the mere fact that they would like to get intimate is scorned upon in most societies of the world. He says we should express ourselves more through sex if that is what we feel, and not let anyone or any misconception of our obsolete past get in the way of this beautiful desires. 

We did 3 practices during the day and I learnt a lot about breathing correctly. I have always done yoga for the flexibility and body but after this workshop and learning more about what Yoga truly means, I will focus more on the spiritual side. Mark Whitwell has a great little book out called 'The promise' which helps you with your yoga by showing you how to fit it into your schedule Daily. The yoga sessions in the book are 7 minutes practice for 40 days and he promises changes in your life during this time.I will try this now and in about 40 days I will write another blog about my experience. That was my short summary of my day with Mark Whitwell. It was very good and I will definitely seek him out again in the future. 


Read more about Mark Whitwell Here. 


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