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Join us for some womanist Talk. Lecia explains her WOC movement. How she plans to improve relations between all races of women and her new book.

Blackopolypse Supports all women but especially WOC. 

 Find more about Lecia…

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BPM E66 The World's Black History Part 3 

On todays podcast we discuss the ins and out of black history in europe and the world.

We needed more time so we will go back into this topic very soon with cindy and co again. 

Blackopolyse History Month E64 What is Black History? 

For the next 3 Weeks we will be focusing the podcast on Black history.

We will be bringing to our listeners as much information and

knowledge to improve their understanding of the worlds black cultures and past events.

Blackopolypse E58 F*CK OFF 2020 

Alstallio will do a review on the last year and explain how he felt and what he thinks should or might happen next...

Alstallio topics are

Racism in 2020

Brexit in 2020

Covid-19 in 2020

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Blackopolypse Podcast E55 We Need More Black Unity 

Today Alstallio and Nigel talk about their Youtube strike for talking about The Big V, due to  Youtubes Medical Misinformation policy.

Alstallio cusses The Africa Adolf Hitler and the Africans who named him so.

What does the Revolution…

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