IgluMusic Podcast 4 with The Tenmours and Mutant Thoughts  

So , today we launched our first Iglu video podcast of 2020, and it was a pleasure to welcome The Tenmours, a 3 piece folk-fusion band from Skipton, Yorkshire, and also, Ā Mutant-Thoughts, a 3 piece alternative rock band hailing from Bristol (and South America).Ā 

We talked to both bands about their music, the impact of covid-19 on their lives, and discover more about the amazing music they've released and have in the pipeline.Ā Ā 

We hear 2 tracks from both bandsĀ 

Mutant Thoughts:Ā 

'Odd Boy'Ā 
'Unwanted Song'Ā 

The TenmoursĀ 
'Escape of the Naturist'Ā 
'Moving on'Ā 

We also got to play Chloe Mogg's (another amazing alternative artist) new release 'Helping Hand'.Ā Ā 

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IgluMusic Podcast #03 with Eddy Luna  

It's January, it's cold outside, and rain is on the horizon, but fear not;Ā 

Iglu music has lined up a must-hear playlist of heart-warming music, from some of the West Midlands finest artists for your listening pleasure.Ā 

Ā We were also incredibly lucky to have a very special guest on tonight's show, from one of the midlands most loved hidden talents,.Ā Ā 

We hear one of her stunning songs 'Different Spaces', as well as songs fromĀ Ā 

Vijay KishoreĀ 
Tehillah HenryĀ 
Janel AntoneshiaĀ 
Hi, grade Hi-fi feat. Jugganaut.Ā 

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Iglu Music Podcast #02  

So, this is the later than billed iglu music review show.Ā Ā 

We were joined by Co-Host Alstallio and emerging Birmingham rap/grime artist Seb.T, who talked to us about his journey into the Birmingham music scene, and his plans for 2020, as well as hearing 3, yes 3 of his tracks from his current EP. Also playing tracks from Birmingham royalty, Lady Sanity, and Truemendous, not to mention tracks from Liverpool rapper Juvey, Leicester artists Jafro and Stanza Divan, this was an informal chat between artists, about creatives in the U.K and their mission to be heard.Ā Ā 

Join us next week, when we will be speaking to more creatives, and hearing more amazing music

IgluMusic Podcast  

Hear from Simon, Alstallio and guest, Synikall on topics such asĀ 

Birmingham music sceneĀ 
RivalriesĀ Ā 

Is Birmingham still 2nd to London, or have we slippedĀ 

Who's coming through ranks, in our one's to watch segment.Ā 

Synikall's tracksĀ Ā 
don't push me, andĀ Ā 
push fwd.Ā Ā 

Subnotion - Life, ft Eddy Luna, and Irahjon.Ā 

Trademark BludĀ 
Battle rapper from Telford.Ā 

Truemendous and Sanity.Ā 

Birmingham artists are ready, where is our avenue to success?