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I Want To sing Day 60

Like my new top? Anyway back to singing. I really wanted to do this song. maybe still a tad bit early though. I found it good to sing. Good for practising too. I think some songs help you to raise…

I Want To sing Day 59

And to keep up with the cool. I almost realized my mistake right away by playing too fast. So I slowed it down and it certainly made for recording a lot easier. The song is great and I think even…

I Want To sing Day 58

I don't know who I thought I was here. I wanted to be as cool as the song...A Groovy song at that. The trouble with this song was speed. I didn't want to lose the groovyness by playing it too…

I Want To sing Day 57

I call this my nemesis song...because of the elusive solo that I used to have to play when I use to play on the piano. That's why I chose to do it on the guitar so I didn't have to…

I Want To sing Day 56

Things are starting to pick up here. I feel like I'm making good progress and these boy bands are easy to sing and can help with making you look and sound good....Cheaters...Lots of fun here though.

Song: As Long As…

I Want To sing Day 55

This song was ridiculous, because I want to know how this guy sang without breathing. I couldn't do it. I was struggling massively with this, But I pulled it off. This is showing me that I need to work on…

I Want To sing Day 54

Half a head..I Don't know how I missed this...This one was good. I think i might have a future in the country genre if I can iron out the kinks. And my guitar playing is sort of picking up. Good…

I Want To sing Day 53

I never thought this guy robbie williams could sing that well, more of a taker than a singer. This sontg was awkward to sing. Like it is a sung a semi tone lower than it supposed to be. Didn't really…

I Want To sing Day 52

You know I had to try some country music, because this is a challenge, so I have to do all styles to grow...At least that's what I believe.This song is simple but enjoyable to perform especially with the guitar.


I Want To sing Day 51

Sometimes my accent comes out so you can guess where I was raised... I just love the way I change it up with the strings. I liked this performance. Quite entertaining even to myself..LoL. A bit tricky playing and singing…

I Want To sing Day 50

The Big 50!!! WOW We're still Doing it, Ok, I think this is another song in my element. Middle of the road, not to strenuous on the voice. Nice performance and quite simple to record.

Song: Once
Singing Review: 7/10…

I Want To sing Day 49

I don't know Why I thought this was day 42 I think I was confused by the music..I could have swore I said day 49. Anyway I liked the way I sung this. It's a beautiful song and I think…

I Want To sing Day 48

I'm slowly finding my groove with this song. It was very nice to play although I prefer other versions of it over the original which I performed.
Couldn't quite get that grrrrr at the back of my thoat when I…

I Want To sing Day 47

This song has the dumbest lyrics ever, but I love it anyway and I really had fun doing this song, although I still don't have my Barry White voice. This song was purely about entertainment than anything.

Song: Life

I Want To sing Day 46

I changed it up a bit here. My voice probably matches this type of song because all those guys couldn't sing back then either. So no problem there. I liked this song and found it easy to sing or talk…

I Want To sing Day 45

And sometimes you chose a song that you didn't really like and find it totally great. This was one of those songs. I couldn't quite get the guitar to work the way I wanted to, but I'll let it off…

I Want To sing Day 44

I couldn't make that song sound better if I tried..Sometimes I chose a song that I realise later on (after I practised it) that I should I have just left that song alone. I feel I will be destroying a…

I Want To sing Day 43

Not a Spice girls Fan but have to admit, this song is a personal favourite. I Struggled with the highs a bit and the song was a bit all over the place but as you can hear in the background…

I Want To sing Day 42

I didn't have much passion to do a song today, so I kind of found a song I could do quickly. No real effort involved here just a quite chorus to keep my streak up. Roll on Day 365.A bit…

I Want To sing Day 41

  What would a challenge be without a Michael Jackson song. I was itching to do this song. I thought I did ok. I utilized my rough growl and I think it worked here. Great song. Quite moderate difficulty but…

I Want To sing Day 40

I really struggled with this song. I had run out of patience and I just wanted to get it over and done with, I think I actually gave up....What was I saying about Phil collins Songs being easy... I know…

I Want To sing Day 39

I love this song. It is definitely fruity but I like it. Was short though. I should have done a second verse. Then again the amount of time it is taking me to record 30 seconds is about 1hr…

I Want To sing Day 38

So this song...I was hoping to do better on this one. Obviously I was too ahead of myself. Still I tried it cause it looked and sounded easy.

Song: Let her Go
Singing Review: 4/10

I Want To sing Day 37

My voice is definitely  fitting to this rough sound. I fancy myself as a rock singer...Well maybe not. Song was fun in a way but I was too boring singing it. I am seeing my flaws as I records and…

I Want To sing Day 36

I love this song and I should be able to perform a song like this as I have a very soulful background. It's quite an easy song but I think I rush it a bit. I'm getting impatient sometimes…