I Want To Sing 365 Day Challenge Giveaway!!!

Hi guys so I have finally got the gifts to give away. Because you guys are my loyal followers I will give you a heads up on how to enter to have a chance of winning the games and…

Final thoughts of 2016

I hate the 31st December because everyone gets all emotional and starts saying goodbye to something like they give a crap. Tomorrow starts a new year and everyone is happy until the 2nd January, after everyone hates each other again…


I want to sing 365 Challenge starts 15th Aug

Oh man, I'm so excited to be doing this...! 

So basically I will have a go at improving my singing. Believe me I need help with it. 

I have been challenged to do it for one whole year…


My 365 Day Singing Challenge


Just a quick one, 

I'm doing a challenge to improve my vocals and  maybe even become a full blown singer ;) 
Soon I will be putting weekly videos up of my attempts for all to see. It…

Everyone Especially Men Should Do Yoga!

Last night my wife my wife was on a yoga seminar with the guru named Mark Whitwell who is the guru of my spouse's teacher. 

I was interested to know what was happening as I do have a great…


Always Do What You Want In Life!

So today I had to take a taxi. This might sound normal to some of you, but I have 2 cars at home. 

The problem was, my dear lady decided to take all the keys with her for the…