I Want To sing Day 36

I love this song and I should be able to perform a song like this as I have a very soulful background. It's quite an easy song but I think I rush it a bit. I'm getting impatient sometimes…


I Want To sing Day 35

I think I needed to use my breathy voice for this song. For what it was though. I did OK. It was too Early to do this song. I won't revisit it though. 

Song: Fields Of Gold 
Singing Score…


I Want To sing Day 34

This evening I finally discovered that I have a husky rocky voice. Actually I think I have about 3 different voices and I don't know how to control any of them. Great song to sing but breathing was a problem. 


I Want To sing Day 33

What do you do when you have had two late nights in a row. you're tired and still haven't fulfilled your challenge promise? Find the easiest song to sing, that takes literally 10 minutes, record it and go to bed…


I Want To sing Day 32

My First Elvis song and I had to Change my voices a lot for this song. I don't know if this is amateur or true skill materalizing in front of the camera, I think I wasn't interested in singing too…


I Want To sing Day 31

This song is the first time I feel like I have make some breakthrough in my progress. and even my connection between my singing and playing. I am aware that I still have a long road ahead of me. If…