I Want To sing Day 30

As my first reggae song I didnt manage it too well I am clearly still trying to control my voice, after a month you think I would have it down by now but it is rather difficult I must say…

I Want To sing Day 29

I absolutely loved doing this song. in fact I should just quit the whole challenge and just try and perfect this song. I did the best I could and I think you can see I enjoyed it.
Song: Just My…

I Want To sing Day 28

I still feel watching the videos, the Guitar is definitely holding my performances back. I expect that to come though after day 364 so stay with me.
I thought this song was Okay, nothing special. keeping in my comfort zone…

I Want To sing Day 27

I think this song had great potential. If I wasn't performing in a 5 star hotel! I couldn't concentrate and completely fluffed it at the end. I will do it again for sure, cause I can sing the chorus way…

I Want To sing Day 26

The Only reason I did this song was because I was Desperate and Looking back I should have never have ever included this in the list. Why in the world would I chose a Black Eyed Peas song to help…

I Want To sing Day 25

I was trying to be quiet here which I think work when one is practising to sing. playing the guitar is knocking my concentration though and I think that came across in the video.A good easy song though.

Song: Breakfast…

I Want To sing Day 24

I really liked doing this song. I think because I did it late, I couldn't do it just (Not that I could anyway.). It was after a show. I may revisit this song so I can shout at the top…

I Want To sing Day 23



You Know what I Say about Phil Collins songs or any song done by good old Phil...They're easy. This one was a bit more difficult than 'True colours' on day one. It's a little faster and the breathing is…


I Want To sing Day 22

I thought I did a good job with this song. It was fairly straight forward and didn't take long to learn or record. One of my personal favourites.

Song: Man On The Moon
Singing Score: 6/10

I Want To sing Day 21

I tried a little more on this song for the first time. A verse and a Chorus...Who knows, maybe by day 364 I will perform a full song. I think I was having abit too much fun with this one…

I Want To sing Day 20

I thought I did OK, I will try this one again at a later day including a chorus too. Good song to sing and I think my voice can handle this sort of song in the future for sure.


I Want To sing Day 19

Actually I quite like how I sang this song. Maybe my voice will sound like Lionel Richie someday. A bit of trouble with the high notes but I'l sort that out in the future.

Song: Easy Like A Sunday Morning…