Final thoughts of 2016

I hate the 31st December because everyone gets all emotional and starts saying goodbye to something like they give a crap. Tomorrow starts a new year and everyone is happy until the 2nd January, after everyone hates each other again (business as usual I guess). 

Shouldn't we celebrate the end of every day and not just one? 31st December is another day in our life stringing together what will eventually make up all of our lives and we don't need stupid benchmarks like Christmas and New Year

with pointless fireworks that cost billions and only pollute and injure people. We need peace and to love one another and to start catering for the needs of the people. Rid the world of fear, pointless racist discussion and terrorism and finally start moving the human family forward as a species. It's 2016 and most of the age old problems are still with us. So maybe for this new year we can all learn to love and help each other out because remember the changing of the world starts at home. It's the little things that make the big differences. 

Happy continuation of your life! 

And to all the celebrity deaths this year. We have all lost people way closer to us than the few prominent people who we couldn't even talk or get close to. It's sad that they have gone but most of them weren't or haven't been active for a long time. So is it just us (as usual) holding on a past that has long left us behind? Just something to think about... 

Thoughts of Alstallio!

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