Do We Really Need Another Kebab Shop!

I was talking to someone the other day about my Adventures and Ideas Like My ‘Alstallio Piano Tutorials’ or ‘blogging’ and starting my own little business venture. It wasn't the first time I heard responses such as 'yeah well everyone is already doing that!' or 'that's been done before!'. 

My response always goes something like this ' that's exactly why you should do it!' because people have done it before you and it worked, so why can you or me not do the same and have success. I'm not saying copy people exactly but you can definitely use their concept and make it your own. 

There are 7 billion folks who like billions of different things and Ideas. Some people might like the way I write and other might prefer other writing styles. 

What I really don’t understand is why people always like to knock people like us off of our path to greatness. Even if we don’t make it to our destination, give us encouragement to at least try. 

 I realized this very reason has been stopping me doing most things I ever wanted to do. Like my piano videos, Blogging, Funny Talk videos etc. It held me back. And I see it daily holding great people back too. People who have more to offer the world but are locked in a box called (Someone has done it before syndrome). 

The worst thing is, when I think about it, It was the very people who I trusted most with my deepest secret plans to take over the world who made me feel like I have no chance cause someone has done it before me. 

 I'm sending this out because I want to free you and make you realize you don’t have to not do something because someone else has done it before. Look at all the industries that exist with copycat companies. I could write a list as long as this screen but I think you good folks readying this catch my drift. Just get the idea down and do it. 

Unlike most people who say failure is not an option. Failure is a part of life. Even failing is worth it, because you learn something along the way and it is better to have tried and failed than to have not done nothing at all. 



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