Always Do What You Want In Life!

So today I had to take a taxi. This might sound normal to some of you, but I have 2 cars at home. 

The problem was, my dear lady decided to take all the keys with her for the weekend trip away. Now I don't know how to handle this stuff well and I should do. but I am always thinking of the knock on effect, it has when someone does something which could have been prevented. 

This is why I always buy or take holidays when I want. Sometimes a bill will come in, and you have to pay it straight away. This is how I look at holidays too. I mean, Why should the tax man get my money without any resistance, but when I decide to treat myself, I have to contemplate if it is the right time or not. 

So do what you want, whenever you want and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, buy that new car, bike, or sofa. Take that holiday you so duly need, because like me, who had to pay 70 Euro for a 20 minute journey today, you never know when you will have to line someone else's pocket and not benefit from it at all. 



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